I am 48 year old female and I have tried the sample of your nourishing mask. As my skin is very starved and deprived of all important nutrients, being exposed to sun a lot, I felt that with this mask my skin was finally being 'fed'. I literally felt it doing my skin good, and within a month I have noticed a remarkable improvement. I would highly recommend this item to all the ladies.

Thank you

Lisa, 48, Boston USA

Over the years I have used several face masks but recently I tried Marine Glycans face mask and I have got to say it is the best one I have ever used. It leaves your skin feeling not only extremely soft but refreshed. I will definitely be using this on a regular basis.

Yours faithfully

Nicky, 43, New Zealand

I would like you to know how happy I am with my Moana once again. I was first introduced via samples after speaking personally with Andrejka, who took such time and care to find out all about my skin and then I ordered Instant Lifting Mask and Moisturiser to begin with. I used to have troubled skin,with rosacea and sensitivity to many cosmetics, but I can only say that my skin simply accepted these beautiful products as if it was born to them. I turned 70 last year, and I am absolutely thrilled.

Carol, 70, Kingston, Tasmania

Dear Nina,
After more than a month of using your products, I'm glad to say that they serve my skin very well! My skin's moisture has increased, fine lines are reduced and acne scars are reduced too. I can also see that my cheeks are plumper now.
Thank you.

Lydia, Malaysia

Moana is made and sent into the world with Love. Love transforms us, giving us hope, joy and confidence. Love changes us and those around us. With that the world changes.

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